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    Detailed introduction

    1) Introduction
    As to double eccentric structure, valve shaft is designed deviated from the centerline of sealing face to form up the first eccentric, and slightly deviated from the centerline of pipe to form up the second eccentric, the eccentrics are to make seat disengaged from sealing ring to lower the friction when disc is opened to approximately 20°.

    Soft seal seat, made of TFE/PTFE or RTPE, fireproof construction conforming to API607 fire test, provided with sealing property in case of fire.
    Hard seat structure is provided with intrinsical fireproof property. Two-way leak-proof seal. Seat replaced with no need to take off disc and stem the upper ad lower stems provided with low friction sleeves to lower the frictional force of stem when valve is opened or closed.
    Double eccentric structure to lower the abrasion at the upper and lower ends of seal in case of frequent open and close.
    The interface between valve and drive unit conforming to ISO5211, product quality is under rigorous control according to ISO5211.